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We're just a family of four with a passion for adventure. We love exploring the Earth's natural treasures.

Our family

Established on June 10, 2017 in Mack's Canyon on Mt. Charleston in Las Vegas, NV. 


chad, the dad

Originally from South Dakota, Chad moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2005 to further his career opportunities. When he met Meagan and the boys in December of 2014, their mutual love of adventure brought them together and has fueled their desire to create memories instead of collecting things. He's become the parent that every child dreams of and has stepped up to help mold the boys into responsible, hard working and caring young men. Chad is a Type 1 Diabetic, diagnosed at age 13. He's living proof that God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers. Chad effortlessly abolishes any limitations and keeps all of us laughing and smiling along the way.


meagan, the mama

Originally from Minnesota, Meagan moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2006, after living in the Pacific NW for several years. When she met Chad in 2014, it was as if she'd finally found her long lost best friend. He naturally bonded with her two boys, making it easy for them to become a family in 2017. Together they've nurtured their roots in the outdoors, where they feel most at peace and have a sense of livelihood. Meagan's bachelors degree in Therapeutic Recreation gave her the foundation to help develop a teen program at the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation to enrich lives and empower the teens to seek new adventures.


alec, 13

Alec was born with a sense of adventure. He wakes before the sun, ready to tackle the new day and with a strong love for learning. Alec has always been extremely thoughtful, caring deeply for his family and friends. He's a leader and a creator, with a strong engineering mind. Alec has always gravitated to the outdoors. Whether it's to watch airplanes, scramble up mountain sides, or photograph the Earth's beauty, he makes time every day to get outdoors and explore. Alec can successfully chop wood, start a fire with flint and steel, and cook a delicious campfire meal.


miles, 9

Miles was born to live. He brings new meaning to adventure and is the sunshine on a cloudy day. His smile and laugh, alone, make every adventure better. Miles is an independent learner and can solve any puzzle given to him. He puts his whole heart into everything and doesn't give up until he's obtained success. He can out-climb, out-run, and out-whit any of us. Miles thrives outdoors and if given the choice, would choose to explore in the mountains, throw rocks into water or scramble up a hillside. He's also quite a handy helper. He knows how to change the oil in the Jeep, use a hammer without losing a finger, and can capture some of the best moments on video and camera.