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Since 2014, we have led the effort to get more people outdoors to explore the Earth's natural landscape in a way they have never experienced. 

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Using our site, you can easily plan your next adventure, with easy to follow directions so you don't get lost along the way, know what to expect while you are there, and most importantly, get motivated to make memories on your own or with those you love. Sometimes, we even throw in some historical background for those interested in knowing how these fascinating sites came to be. All of our adventures are family friendly. Our kids would highly recommend all of them to your kids. Best of all, our adventures are low-cost and within driving distance of Las Vegas, Nevada. We love where we live and all of the adventures that surround it!

Our recent efforts with the Keep Nature Wild campaign gives us even more motivation to not only inspire more people to get outdoors and explore, but to take care of this precious commodity we call Earth. If you pack it in, be sure to pack it out. Leave no trace. Let's work together to keep the Earth green and bountiful for all generations to come.

Truth be told. Adventure is out there and memories are more important than things. We only have one shot at this incredible thing called life. So get out there and live it! 

Our Mission

We believe adventure to be therapeutic for both the mind and body. We believe all people, regardless of age, ability or financial circumstances, can benefit from outdoor adventure. We hope to empower more people to leave their comfort zones and challenge their abilities. We hope to inspire more people to create their own adventures, protect the Earth's natural beauty, strengthen their interpersonal relationships and increase their self-confidence. Life is good. You can be a light in the darkness. Our mission is to help more people embrace that reality and then live it.

I wish I could be a passenger with you on your breathtaking adventures! You two make me want to EXPLORE THE WORLD. Thank you for sharing your most amazing road trips! I truly look forward to them all of the time!
— Vegasjanelle, Instagram

Found this beautiful campground in Mack’s Canyon. Huge thanks to 702 Xventures for providing the GPS coordinates to get here, as well as everything you need to know about the details of the trail (type of vehicle needed, etc). Mack’s Canyon is such a gorgeous place, there’s hardly anyone around, and it’s 35 degrees cooler than basically it’s perfect.
— Shannahasman, Instagram

You guys flat get out there...good on yuh!!
— Dennis.atteraflex, Instagram

Exploring Mack’s Canyon Rd. in Lee Canyon, on Mount Charleston. Thanks, 702 Xventures for the downloadable trail map on your site!
— Desert_jk, Instagram

Hey man, super huge fan of your page. I’m also from Vegas and currently a college student. I’ve recently been trying to get into more outdoor type activities. Camping, hiking, and biking but I had no idea where to start. I greatly appreciate your recommendations!
— Itojohn, Instagram