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We had our eye on the Teraflex Nebo Roof Rack for quite a while, but hesitated getting it because we were nervous about the install and we didn't want to pay someone to do it for us. We loved the look of it though. It's sleek design, but structural strength, made us drool. We knew we had to have it, but how? Right about that time was when we miraculously found a cleverly created Nebo Roof Rack install video that Teraflex's Dennis Wood had made. Suddenly, we felt empowered and more capable than ever of drilling (yes, drilling!) into the hard top of our Jeep. And without fear. Well, maybe just a little fear. But that passed quickly.

So if you're debating which roof rack to get for your Jeep, here's what we thought about the Teraflex Nebo Roof Rack - 

1. You can't find a more sophisticated design. It's clean lines and low profile are not only pleasing to the eyes, but still allow you to pull your Jeep into a standard height garage with a maximum 3.5" lift and 35" tires. Teraflex sells the main rails separate from the side slats, but honestly, if you're getting a roof rack, you may as well go big or go home. The side slats give it added strength and versatility, which every outdoorsman (or woman) will appreciate. Put a tent up top or a kayak or cargo container or bikes. It'll hold anything you want it to. And that's a beautiful thing.

2. The way Teraflex designed the Nebo Roof Rack is next to perfection. They literally make the install so easy that we could do it without breaking a sweat. Well, maybe just a little sweat. But that's because we live in Las Vegas and it's hot. We recommend that you use the written instructions included with the rack, in combination with Dennis Wood's install video (see below). Load up the video and watch it, pause it, rewind it, watch it some more, pause while you work and let Dennis walk you through the install step by step. Not only is he hilarious, but his instructions are simple, easy to understand, and he makes the entire install seem manageable on your own (which it most definitely is). Teraflex put a lot of thought into the install portion of this rack. They include pre-printed sturdy templates that you simply cut out, place where indicated on your rooftop and secure with painters tape. One recommendation that Dennis Wood had, that we appreciated and followed, was to use brad-tip drill bits for the roof-top. It was like cutting into warm butter with those babies. They literally took away all of our fear of drilling into the roof of our precious Jeep. Minimal chipping and no cracks at all in the fiberglass, which we were grateful for. Once you get past the drilling portion, all of the pieces fit together snug and methodically. You'll definitely want an extra hand when you put the Nebo Roof Rack together. It'll make the install go more smoothly.

3. We tested out the  Teraflex Nebo Roof Rack immediately after install in a massive Las Vegas-style wind storm with gusts of 50-70MPH. We had our Tepui Tent on top to test out it's strength. We drove on the freeway, we drove on side roads and we drove off-road. Not a peep out of this rack. Not a squeak, not a rattle, not a moment of fear that it wouldn't stay put. The Teraflex Nebo Roof Rack is a beast. A good looking beast at that. 

4. One of our big hesitations with getting a roof rack was the fact that we really enjoy going topless (our Jeeps, not us!). We wanted a rack with the versatility of being on when we need it and off when we want to ride free. The Teraflex Nebo Roof Rack does just that. It's secured to the cross bars of the Jeep with four heavy bolts that are simple to remove when we take the top off and easy to get nice and snug when the top goes back on. Easy as that. Now we can party and get down to business all in the same day, thanks to the Teraflex Nebo Roof Rack.

Suffice to say, the Teraflex Nebo Roof Rack gets all eight of our thumbs up from the 702 Xventures crew. The only thing we regret is that we didn't get it sooner. All good things come with time. And so it is with this. The Nebo is a gem. One that we'll keep forever. Now we just need to splurge on another one for our Rubicon Jeep Wrangler.