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snow canyon state park, ut

One of the many reasons why we love exploring this wonderful world we live in, is because the history behind the natural formations is fascinating. Snow Canyon State Park in Southern Utah is one that will leave you yearning for more. Well, unless that "more" is the blazing heat of summer. Which we can definitely do without! 

Located just north of St. George, Utah, near Ivins is Snow Canyon State Park. For day-use, you'll pay $10 per vehicle or $5 per vehicle for seniors 62 and older. For camping at non-hookup sites, it's $20 per night and hookup sites are $25 per night. 


Let's start back and very beginning to give you a little bit of history about Snow Canyon. Approximately 183 million years ago, tiny little grains of quartzite sand covered the area. Some of the sand dunes were 2,500 feet thick and eventually cemented into stone. Nowadays, that rock is a burnt orange color and is known as Navajo sandstone. Over time, water has formed canyons through the sandstone. And then cinder cone eruptions caused lava to flow down into these canyons, filling them with basalt. From 200 to 1250 AD, Anasazi Indians lived in the area, using the canyons to hunt and gather their food. Then from 1200 AD to the mid-1800s, Paiute Indians lived in the area. In the 1850s, Mormon pioneers discovered Snow Canyon while they were out searching for their lost cattle. And now, today, we all are able to enjoy the beauty of Snow Canyon as it's been preserved for our use and is a protected environment for the parks sensitive species including desert tortoises, peregrine falcons and gila monsters. Other animals you might see while you explore within Snow Canyon State Park are roadrunners, gopher snakes, canyon tree frogs, coyotes, foxes, quail and leopard lizards, to name a few.


What makes Snow Canyon State Park such a beautiful place to explore? Catch the glimmer of the sun through the tops of the canyon walls. Feel the cool temps inside the slot canyons on a hot summer day. Watch the shadows dance along the majestic burnt orange sandstone walls. Feel your feet sink into the depths of the warm sand. Catch the colors of light changing with the sun as it rises and sets for the day. Explore the wind carved tunnels and caves. Climb to heights you've never before dared. Meditate in pure silence, surrounded by an unbelievably gorgeous backdrop. In Snow Canyon State Park, there are over 38 miles of hiking trails, a 3-mile paved trail for biking or walking and over 15 miles of equestrian trails. All of which can be used year-round due to the mild winter temperatures.