Tired of hauling around a huge stove, pots and pans? Looking for a simpler way to cook a delicious meal around camp? Want something that is easy to clean? Need something that cooks your food evenly? Looking for a way to enjoy camp food in fire-ban areas?

Look no further! Once you go Skottle, there's no going back. For real. This thing is our all-time favorite all-in-one stove. From breakfast to dinner, the Skottle grill has us covered. It has a shallow, yet slight bowl-like basin that's perfect for cooking up a tasty egg scramble, pancakes or morning hash. It cleans best while still hot. Just pour some water on the warm stove top and it practically cleans itself. Use a small silicone scraper to remove any extra residue. Give it a good rinse, wipe it out with a paper towel and you're ready to go for lunchtime. Season with some oil, then warm up some hot ham n' cheese sandwiches, melted cheese quesadillas or get fancy with walking tacos. Serve up a crowd easy with the spacious cook-top. There's plenty of space on it to prepare your whole meal. Clean up is a cinch and you're all ready to go for dinner. Grill up those steaks or burgers or chicken on the edges, sautee some veggies in the center. You've got your whole meal made in minutes. Easy as that. See? Told ya you'd like it! 

TemboTusk sells the Skottle as a kit (which we highly recommend). It includes the South African inspired Skottle grill top and legs, hanging burner, and spacious carrying case that's big enough to hold up to four additional 16 oz gas bottles for fuel.  TemboTusk does sell each item individually too. If you've already got a good Coleman burner, just order the Skottle grill top and legs. The carrying case is heavy duty and makes it easy to toss the grill in the back of your rig and pile other gear on top. 

Like we all know, there are about a gazillion options when it comes to camp cooking. However, there are only a few options that set themselves apart from the rest to make camp cooking easy, delicious, convenient, and fun. Let's keep it real here. The Skottle looks pretty rad, in addition to the high level of functionality. In fact, that's how we found out about it in the first place. We ran across some other off-roaders using it to cook up some lunch and saw how simple it was, but also how well it worked. We knew we needed one for ourselves. That same weekend, we came home and ordered ours. We love it so much, we not only use it when we camp, but we also use it in the backyard when we kick it around our propane fire-pit and play horseshoes under the moonlight. 

When you're ready to step it up to the next level of camp cooking, head over to TemboTusk to purchase your Skottle Grill Kit! And enjoy what could possibly be your best camp meal ever. Here's to good-will, peace and happy bellies.

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