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Sheridan lake, SD

We happened to stumble upon Sheridan Lake while exploring in an ATV in the Black Hills of South Dakota. It was a pleasant surprise to say the least!

Where we first came upon Sheridan Lake, there was a parking lot that had a couple of heavily forested walking trails leading down to the water. We ended up on a beautiful scenic overlook of the lake, where we sat and enjoyed our picnic lunch. Then we took a side trail down to a dock below, where the kids played in the water, dug up some worms, practiced skipping rocks on the calm surface of the lake, and gathered wildflowers. It was a truly magical place.


We later discovered a few other trails leading around the lake and a marina on the opposite side, where you can rent boats or wave runners, get fishing bate and tackle, or grab convenience-type foods. The marina staff was friendly and helpful and the beach was wide open. Sheridan Lake was not only a nice, quiet lake to enjoy on the water, but for us, it was a great place to hike around and explore along the forested shoreline!

Sheridan Lake is located approximately 6 miles NE of Hill City, South Dakota on Highway 365. From Hill City, take Hwy 16/385 North to the junction of Hwy 385. Go 4 miles north on Hwy 385 towards Deadwood to Sheridan Lake Road, then follow the signs to Sheridan Lake North Recreation Area.

Sheridan Lake Campground & Facilities