Trail Rating: 5 (Click for ratings scale)

Distance: Approximately 8 miles

Vehicle Types: Licenced Vehicles Only

GPS Coordinates
36°07'03.6"N 115°34'20.7"W
36°09'39.4"N 115°29'54.8"W

Notes: Looking for a fun challenge? The Rocky Gap Road Trail (Potato Ridge Rd) is a popular trail for Jeep and other off-road vehicle Meet Up Groups. This isn't your typical trail; it's scattered with large rocks and boulders that you have to maneuver around. In fact, a portion of the trail is called the "Rock Garden", for good reason. A high clearance vehicle is recommended. It's not a difficult trail, but wheel placement is key. The Rocky Gap Road Trail is also knows as the Potato Ridge Trail and can be accessed from either Lovell Canyon Road or from the Red Rock Canyon Loop. We've run this trail more often in the dark than in daylight, which makes it an even more exciting challenge. One spring, we were invaded by moths. The entire inside dash and windshield was covered thick with moths at one point and it was nearly impossible to get all of them out.

One winter, we made the mistake of running the trail with ice on it. There was an impassible stretch that got a little sketchy as we turned around. In the daylight, it's easy to find spots to pull off near the summit and get some good photography shots. There are also some nice hiking trails worth exploring, especially on the Red Rock Canyon side of the trail.

Trail conditions are always changing, so be careful out there and TREAD LIGHTLY.  Leave no trace. Pack in. Pack out.

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