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We all know that shopping for new off-road atv's, utv's, or dirtbikes can be tricky, to say the least. You know what you want. You know what the cost should be. Then when they whip out the numbers, suddenly it's gone up. Exponentially. Not a fun feeling. Especially when all you want to do is get that off-road vehicle out on the dirt and let it rip loose on the trails or sand dunes.


So when we were ready to purchase our quad, we researched hard. We took our time debating between which features were a necessity and which were "if the budget allows". We made it a point to visit each major dealership in town and get a feel for how they do business and how helpful they'd be for us long term for servicing the quad. We came real close to doing a deal at another dealership, but it was a struggle getting our questions answered and turnaround time was sluggish. What we hoped would be a quick purchase, was taking months to wrap up. So on a whim one Friday evening, we decided to swing by Ridenow Powersports on Rancho to see if they had "our quad" in stock. Sure enough, they did. And even though we showed up at 6pm on a Friday, Jimmy Woolsey (Sales Professional) made us feel like he'd give us all the time in the world. He kept it cool. No pressure. And when we were ready to talk numbers, he and Tyler Johnson (Finance Manager) took the time to run us a few different scenarios. They explained the breakdown clearly and seemed as concerned about making it fit our budget as we were. That definitely put our minds at ease. In fact, when it started getting late, they suggested we hold off until morning when they'd have a little more pull with numbers. Sure enough, they called right when they said they would in the morning. And the bonus. They were able to get the numbers exactly where we needed them. When we were wrapping up the deal, Tyler connected us with Chris Goldy (Parts Professional) in parts, who then spent well over an hour helping us get fitted for helmets and figuring out which ramp would work best with our off-road trailer. It couldn't have been any easier of a process. When we finished up, Jimmy gave us a complete walk-around of our new quad (2017 Polaris Scrambler 850) and gave us some tips for smooth riding and a breakdown of recommended maintenance. We fully expected to come back and pick it up with our trailer later that weekend, but Jimmy and Tyler offered to have it delivered to our house free of charge. The next day, they kept in contact with us all morning, updating us on the status of delivery, and had it to our home right on time. Bonus. They put in a full tank of gas for us and it was delivered on a Sunday (Mothers Day). A few days later, we were back in to return some tie-down straps. They didn't end up having a ratchet on them (which was a complete oversight on our part when we purchased them), so we took them back. Michael Breen (Parts Manager)and Chris Goldy were quick to jump in and help us with the return. Easy and no questions asked. And the funny thing was that Michael Breen remembered us from a previous visit when we showed him the Outer Limit Supply First Aid Kits. We're working on getting them in stock there, but still a few hoops to jump through on that. Maybe someday in the near future you'll be able to grab one from them when you pick out a new off-road vehicle or get an old one serviced. We'll keep you updated!


If you're in the market for some off-road atv's, utv's, or dirtbikes don't hesitate to stop by Ridenow Powersports on Rancho! You'll get A+ service from everyone you come in contact with. Hands down BEST buying experience we've ever had. We'll definitely be back when we're ready for quad #2!