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When you step foot in to Nelson, Nevada, you step back in time to the days when it was a haven for renegades - looking to escape the law. The Wild West history runs thick.

Rewind back to the 1700s when the Paiute and Mojave tribes were on a quest to find gold and made a quick stop on the banks of the Colorado River, just miles from the current ghost town of Nelson, NV. Finding mostly silver, they declared the area unproductive and vacated. Fast forward roughly 75 years to when the prospectors came to town. Not only did they uncover the gold, but they kept it a secret until 1958 when steamboats traveling along the Colorado River got word and a full-fledged mining boom broke out. At the time, the nearest sheriff lived in Pioche, a full 200 miles north. As a result, Eldorado Canyon quickly became a haven for vigilantes. Gun fights were common place, as a result of the greed and riches that ran rampant. Some of the most notorious renegade Indians made their home in Eldorado Canyon while they eluded sheriff posses that were on their tail for a string of murders. The Techatticup Mine was active until the mid-1940s.


Nowadays, Eldorado Canyon is known as the town of Nelson and has become a popular filming location for several TV shows and movies (including 3,000 Miles to Graceland and the National Geographic Channel's Brain Games). While videographers and photographers are busy filming, visitors are welcome to check in at the general store and take tours of the ghost town and of the Techatticup Mine.

Adults and kids, alike, will absolutely enjoy exploring the Nelson Ghost Town and Mine. Be sure to check in at the general store before looking around. (Photographers are required to pay $10 per hour to take photos of the area and $15 per hour if there’s a model involved. Ask the nice people working at the store and they’ll let you know what the rules and regulations are.) And if you're in for a scare, ask them to show you the room in the back or the jars on their back counter (we're not sure what was inside of them, but they look like baby aliens!) or take a peek in the freezer filled with dead rattlesnakes. When you walk the town, you'll see an old barn filled with nostalgic memorabilia, old cars and trucks (our boys spotted "Mater" from the movie 'Cars'), and a couple of airplanes used as movie props.

Whether you're a Las Vegas local or you're visiting Las Vegas, Nevada for the weekend, this is one spot you won't want to miss. It's a very short drive from Las Vegas, just 15 miles south of Boulder City off the 95. When you hit the residential area of Nelson, keep driving down through Eldorado Canyon to the actual town of Nelson, Nevada where the Techatticup Mine and Ghost Town are located. Plan to stay for a few hours. Take plenty of water and sunblock. And, of course, a camera! Also be on the lookout for rattlesnakes. It’s best to stay on the main pathways so you don’t run into any.

Airplane Wreckage

On the southeast side of the property you'll find two vintage plane wreckages. They're movie props from the movie 3000 Miles to Graceland, staring Kevin Costner. It's quite the site to see. It's a great spot to get some photos. If you have kids, they'll love it as much as you will! Per the owners, climbing on the plane structures is prohibited.

The Barn

The Barn is full of historic memorabilia. Check in with the owners before going inside, then take your time spotting nostalgic pieces of history! See if you can find the stoplight, unicycle, Coca-Cola sign, 7-Up sign, boat motors, cannon, and juke box. It's like a scavenger hunt trying to spy each unique and memorable artifact. Outside the barn, you'll find old bicycles, bathtubs, and gardening tools. Plus a variety of other historic signs. Perfect spot for photography and taking a walk down memory lane! As always with places we recommend for our viewers, look but don't touch.