Trail Rating:  2 (Click for ratings scale)

Distance:  Approximately 4 miles

Vehicle Types:  Off-Road Vehicles

GPS Coordinates:   
36°20'58.6"N 115°38'43.4"W
36°21'04.5"N 115°40'46.8"W

Notes:  The Macks Canyon Trail is truly one of a kind. It's a good mix of desert and forest camping off-grid. You'll access it off Lee Canyon Road, just south of the Champion Road entrance, but on the right. It's fun for a day trip or weekend camping, depending your preference. The start of the trail has larger group camp sites (all off-grid) interspersed with smaller, private camp sites. Temperatures are typically a good 20 degrees cooler than the Las Vegas Valley in the summer. Wild bucks are frequently seen in camp, with the occasional elk, fox and mountain lion siting. Each camp site has side trails for hiking or horse-back riding. If you venture farther back on the Macks Canyon Trail, it'll take you down a narrow, winding cliff-side that drops you into an open forested area, with pines that tower nearly 100 feet high. Camping, hiking and horse-back riding is common, so are wild animal sitings (more so than the start of the Macks Canyon Trail). Temperatures are 30+ degrees cooler than the Las Vegas Valley. In the fall, swarms of bees are common, but if you stay on the move, they shouldn't bother you too much.

Truthfully, the back of the Macks Canyon Trail is one of our most favorite places to be. In fact, when we were ready to get hitched, we found the perfect hill to climb to the top of with our boys and that's where we were married. It was the perfect place for us - scenic, quiet, and spiritual. You'll exit the Mack's Canyon Trail the same way you entered, so be careful around corners and on hills. 

Extra Notes: Wood burning fires are prohibited throughout the majority of the year, however propane fire pits and stoves are allowed. They do patrol the area and assess a hefty fine for visitors that disregard the fire ban rules. As a simple solution, we went to REI and purchased an affordable propane fire pit that we take camping everywhere. It provides just as much heat and is fun to gather around and cook over, but protects nature and prevents forest fires. We highly recommend you look into that option for camping as well! 

Trail conditions are always changing, so be careful out there and TREAD LIGHTLY.  Leave no trace. Pack in. Pack out.

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