Some people say we have a Hydro Flask addiction. Which honestly, is true. We're okay with that. Hydro Flasks are definitely an investment. But worth every single penny.

The big selling points for us were - 

1. Drinks legitimately stay icy cold ALL day (and night) in the Hydro Flask. In contrast, they stay hot for roughly 6 hours. Which is incredible. Think about all of those sporting events you cheer your kids on at. Hours upon hours at the field or courtside. Sit in your seat and enjoy every minute of their game with your icy cold beverage. And, keep your kids hydrated while they play. Win win. 

IMG_7051 2.jpg

2. Take your Hydro Flask anywhere. Seriously. Grab a tumbler for your desk at work. Throw a sport top on your Hydro Flask for the gym or a hike. Prefer a straw? They've got those too. Add it to any size Hydro Flask. Keep it with you in the car. Avoid embarrassing mishaps of spilling water all over yourself as you're trying to navigate the road. Have a long day ahead of you at work? With possibly limited access to water? Grab your Hydro Flask, fill it up and enjoy it all day. They come in all sizes to accommodate any need. Want to enjoy a hot coffee, tea or cocoa mid-day? Make yourself a cup, throw it in a Hydro Flask with the flip top lid and voila, you can enjoy it at any time in the day. And it'll still be warm. Your kids run laps around you all day? They need water too! And bonus. Hydro Flask used their noggin's when they made them kid-friendly. They come fitted with a sturdy silicone boot, a flip straw lid and fun, trendy colors that will get your kids asking for water refills all day.

3. Hate the annoying condensation that forms on the outside of your water bottle? Does it make a mess on your desk or kitchen table? With Hydro Flask, condensation is a thing of the past. The double wall insulation protects the liquid inside your Hydro Flask from the outside environment. We live in Las Vegas. To say it gets hot here is an understatement. Some days it feels more like a pressure cooker. Despite the extreme heat, we can leave our Hydro Flasks in the hot Jeep Wrangler, with the windows up all day, and come back to it and find perfectly chilled ice water in our Hydro Flasks. It truly is incredible.

Join the Hydro Flask family today! You can find yours at just about any outdoor store. Our go-to place is REI. They always have a wide selection of colors and styles. You can also order them directly from Hydro Flask. In fact, they have customizable Hydro Flasks now, where you can mix and match colors.

We like our Hydro Flasks