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Hemenway Valley Park, NV

When was the last time you saw a WILD Bighorn Sheep? In person? We've got the perfect place for you to go check them out!

In Boulder City, as you head towards Lake Mead, there's a city park just off the highway that's not only a great park for your kids to play at, but they also have a herd of about 200 Bighorn Sheep that roam freely in and around the park. It's pretty rad to watch them munch on the grass, nudge each other out of the way for better greens, and rest in the warm sun. Hemenway Valley Park is beautiful in and of itself, perched on a hillside with Lake Mead as its backdrop. Watching the herd of wild Bighorn Sheep takes it up a notch though! Just remember, even if the sheep come close to you (which they might), they are wild animals. Don't make any sudden movements, don't feed or touch them, and keep your dogs at home (they're not allowed at this park for obvious reasons). 


Directions to Hemenway Valley Park: From Las Vegas, take US-95 South, then exit at 15B for US-93 Business toward Boulder City Boulevard. Continue on that road, staying left as you pass through town. At the light, turn left to continue on Boulder City Parkway. About 1.5 miles down the road, turn left onto Ville Drive. Hemenway Park is on your right. The best times to view them is between 11am and 2pm. Guess they have they’re own private viewing times! :)