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When you venture outside the 911 system, you need to be prepared.

It took us a couple of years to find the perfect system, but rest assured, we've found it. We've used it. We've abused it. And we can't live without it. The secret is out. Outer Limit Supply makes the absolute best first aid kits on the market, and here's why:

1. It's indestructible. Literally. You can throw the Outer Limit Supply First Aid Kits anywhere and they'll be a-okay and so will the contents inside. It seals tightly to keep out the dust. It's waterproof for those muddin' or boating type of days. And it can't be crushed. Jump up and down on it and it'll be just fine. Heck. Drive your rig over it.

2. Everything inside the Outer Limit Supply First Aid Kits is clearly labeled with similar sizes, so it's easy to keep organized. Which, we all know, when the adrenaline kicks in, we need to be able to find supplies quick. 

3. The Outer Limit Supply First Aid Kits are perfectly sized for stowing under a seat or can be mounted on the outside of your rig. And they look pretty rad too. 

4. When you use the contents inside the Outer Limit Supply First Aid Kit, you can re-order new supplies quick and easy. No biggie. You're all set, ready to go.

5. The Outer Limit Supply First Aid Kits are comprehensive and affordable. We tried piecing together kits of our own, but when we added up the cost, it came out to almost double of what an Outer Limit Supply First Aid kit would cost. Throw on the 15% off coupon and free shipping, and you've really got a steal of a deal.

6. The Outer Limit Supply First Aid Kits are practical to have just about anywhere. Have one at home for those kitchen mishaps or to fix little kid (or big kid) boo-boos. Keep one handy in the garage or shed for those times when the tools get the better of you. Store one in your vehicle so you're always prepared on the go. Protect your employees at work. Have one easily accessible on the farm or ranch, especially near large machinery. Accidents happen. That's life. But those accidents can be a lot less disastrous when you're prepared with an Outer Limit Supply First Aid Kit close at hand.

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Get yourself, your family and your friends prepared to get muddied up, ride the ridge, live to the limit and tackle the trail safely. You won't regret the investment. In fact, you'll only thank Outer Limit Supply for equipping you with the safety equipment you need to live life to the fullest.

Our favorite Outer Limit Supply First Aid Kit is the Weekend Warrior Series. It's perfect for an extended weekend or a slightly larger group; say 4-5 people. It includes all of the basic necessities for a first aid kit, plus a few bonus items. The exterior dimensions of the kit are 12.81 x 10.36 x 4.64). When you look on the Outer Limit Supply website at the different first aid kit options, this particular kit is yellow. It's considered a Class A First Aid Kit. 

Weekend Warrior Contents are as follows - 


  • (50) 1 X 3 Plastic Strip Bandage Box

  • (1) 1/2" X 5 Yards Adhesive Tape

  • (1) 2" Rolled Gauze

  • (6) 2” X 2” Gauze Pads

  • (6) 2” X 3” Moleskin

  • (3) 3" Rolled Gauze

  • (6) 3” X 3” Gauze Pads

  • (2) 4" Rolled Gauze

  • (2) 4” X 4” Cool Blaze Burn Dressing

  • (16) 1” X 3” Woven Elastic Patch Bandages

  • (5) 2” X 3” Elastic Patch Bandages

  • (5) Elastic Knuckle Bandages

  • (5) XL Elastic Fingertip Bandages

  • (6) 4” X 4” Gauze Pad 12 Ply

  • (2) 5” X 9” Abdominal Pad Each

  • (1) Blood Blocker Wound & Trauma Dressing

  • (4) Eye Pads Sterile

  • (10) Triple Biotic Ointment

  • (1) Vaseline Petroleum Gauze


  • (1) SOF® Tactical Tourniquet-Wide

  • (20) Antiseptic Wipes

  • (1) Basic First Aid Booklet

  • (10) Butterfly Closures

  • (1) Cold Pack

  • (1) CPR Shield

  • (3) Disposable Gloves (3 Pairs)

  • (1) Emergency Survival Blanket (84"X52")

  • (1) Eye Wash 1oz Bottle

  • (6) Hand Sanitizer

  • (1) Light Stick Yellow (12 Hour)

  • (1) Paramedic Shears

  • (1) Triangle Bandages (40" X 40" X 56")

  • (1) Tweezers


  • (5) Aspirin (Chest Pain)

  • (1) Glucose Tube (Low Blood Sugar)

  • (5) Cetafen Extra Strength (Non-Aspirin)

  • (5) Diotame (Diarrhea)

  • (5) Exaprin (Pain Relief)

  • (5) Histaprin (Allergic Reaction)

  • (5) Ibuprofen (Pain Relief)

  • (5) Medi Lyte (Dehydration)

15% OFF COUPON CODE: 702xventures (lowercase)