Welcome to The Greatest Adventure of All.

All great ideas come to us when we’re eh hem “occupied” shall we say? That’s all I can trace this grand adventure back to anyway. And all the thanks in the world go to my mom and dad, the keepers of the Coleman Pop-Up camper that we used to tow behind our Volkswagen Vanagon every summer, through the great Minnesota wilderness. I can’t remember back when I was toddling around as a messy-faced, pig-tailed two year old, but apparently that’s when my adventures all began.

The coolest feature in our camper was the port-a-potty. It was situated just to the right of the one and only door. There wasn’t any real enclosure, it was just out in the open, next to the bed and within a toe tap of the kitchen cabinets. The hospital-like pull curtain wrapped around it, leaving your toes to peek out the bottom as free bait. You can imagine how inviting a hot meal was if someone mistimed their visit to the can.

The summer after I turned two was THE. SUMMER. The one every parent dreads like curdled milk in a sippy cup and sings praises about like they’ve mastered the mother of all parenting tricks. Which truthfully, they have. It was the summer I was to be potty trained. And what better place to do that than in our Coleman Pop-Up Camper? The port-a-potty was calling my name. The golden throne. The can. It was made for me. While my three older brothers made a ruckus outside that summer, I sat and sat and sat until, by golly, I was a port-a-potty pro.

That’s where my adventure story started. On the can. Where all great ideas come to fruition. Yours too?

These big adventure dreams of mine have been brewing for a while now. It’s about time I get off the can and do something about it, right?

So without further ado, welcome to The Meagan Erickson Blog. Step outside with me. We’ve got a lot to talk about.

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