Top 5 FREE Toddler Activities in Las Vegas, NV

When my boys were itty bitty, I was lucky enough to be able to stay at home with them. There were definitely times when I wanted to pull my hair out (cue the potty training, the isle 11 meltdowns in Target and the million drinks of water at bedtime), but I genuinely loved my buddy time and we made so many fun memories together. The good times we had together when they were toddlers set the stage for all of the adventures we have together today.

I’ve never been in a position where I could afford memberships to all the best children’s museums and classes, but I have always been in a position where I can give them my full undivided attention. And honestly, time is the best gift we can give our kids anyway!

My toddler-taming friends have been patiently awaiting my list of Top 5 FREE Toddler Activities in Las Vegas, NV. So this is for you!

  1. Calico Basin/Red Springs wins the #1 vote on this list by a landslide. It’s a haven for kids (and adults). There’s so much to explore and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Pack a sack lunch and bring friends too!

  2. Nelson Ghost Town is equally fun, in a completely different way. It’s not scary at all, so don’t let the “ghost town” part sway your vote. Nelson Ghost Town has super sweet old school cars, trucks, airplanes and random artifacts that your toddler will think are the real-deal from the movie Cars. You’ll win serious brownie points here!

  3. 7 Magic Mountains gets the most artistic award. Your little ones will love running and playing around the colorful structures. Bring a shovel and bucket, so they can dig in the sand too!

  4. Hemenway Park is not only a fun park to let your toddler play at, but it’s super common to see wild mountain goats relaxing on the grass around the park. They are wild, so we recommend keeping a safe distance. Your little ones will love watching them wander the park though!

  5. Little Falls is up at Mt. Charleston and is an easy, toddler-friendly hike that you’ll enjoy too! Take your time walking the short trail and let your toddler explore along the way. If you accumulate a pocket full of sticks and rocks, that’s the real sign of a good time, so get ready to find treasures!

Here’s the cool thing. These activities are great not just for toddlers, but for anyone! Regardless of your age or ability level, you’ll enjoy every single one of these suggestions.

There’s no excuses now. Step outside and explore this beautiful world around you! Then swing back here for more inspiration. I’ve got all kinds of great ideas up my sleeve waiting for you!

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