Trail Rating:  2 (Click for ratings scale)

Distance:  Approximately 30 miles

Vehicle Types:  Off-Road Vehicles, Dirtbikes, ATV's, UTV's

GPS Coordinates:  
36°27'38.6"N 114°44'09.3"W
36°18'26.7"N 114°29'21.9"W

Notes:  If you're looking for a great trail to run at night with a group, the Bitter Springs Trail is perfect for that. Most of the trail follows loose sandy wash-ways, with minimal climbing. However, there are a few spots that are quite rough and rocky, so you will want an off-road vehicle with decent clearance and good tires (to combat sharp rocks). The Bitter Springs Trail is located just south of the Valley of Fire State Park, right outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. The easiest access point is a few miles east of Crystal Nevada, along the Valley of Fire Highway. The Bitter Springs Trail is quite long (nearly 30 miles), ending just southwest of Stewarts Point on Lake Mead, along North Shore Road 167. At night, you'll see a stunning blanket of stars in the sky and hear the distant howl of coyotes. During the day, the trail rides through scenic volcanic cliffs, with a rainbow of rocks in the sandstone hills. There are several spots along the trail that are perfect to pull off and set up camp or hike around in the red rocks. The BLM signs tend to disappear along this trail, so be sure to download our map ahead of time to help keep you on the trail. 

Trail conditions are always changing, so be careful out there and TREAD LIGHTLY.  Leave no trace. Pack in. Pack out.

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